Prospecting Is A Lot Like Exercising

In a low inventory environment, prospecting is the most important activity for your business. It is also for many the most difficult. Prospecting is a lot like exercise and when you begin you don’t see immediate results. I laugh when I go to the gym and then run url to see if I have changed, but amazing things happen when you consistently show up. In 6 months it’s like things are happening. Prospecting is the same. Prospecting can be boring and tedious just like exercise, so I recommend mixing it up. Just like working different body parts, or switching from walking to swimming or biking to running. Variety is the spice of life. Prospecting is amazing because opportunity is everywhere. Everyone lives somewhere and everyone’s life is changing. Opportunity is at the door; it’s at Starbucks, it’s in your sphere and it’s in a geographic farm. Switching it up covers all the bases and gives you the most opportunities. Consistency is also a key to success.

Keep rotating through your various channels. You have to be talking to people and like with exercise, reps count. 50 conversations about real estate on average equals one sale. While consistency is important, it’s also equally important to rest to keep things fresh. I like to do three days on and one day off, but find a combination that suits you. Prospecting day in and day out can cause burn out, and your prospecting muscles need time to recover. Real Estate is a lifestyle. It is a marathon not a sprint, but it should not be a grind. Building prospecting into your lifestyle is the next key to success. Finally, fall in love with the process, not the results. It can be fun and very rewarding. I love real estate and prospecting the way I love exercise. I love the pure joy of doing it. Just do it until you love it. I know many top prospectors who enjoy the process and feel badly when they can’t prospect. I know many feel the same if they miss a day of exercise, but you have to stay at it to get to this mindset. If you like real estate and you like people you will like prospecting, especially if you don’t look at it as intrusive or a chore. Prospecting allows you to fish further upstream and connect the dots, so you can make hay while the sun is shining.