Record Yourself Today & Win Listings Tomorrow [Here’s How]

In the current real estate market, inventory is at an all-time low, & competition is fierce! Due to this, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that your listing pitch stands out.

One way to help you achieve this is to record yourself on video!

Benefits of Recording Yourself

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to record myself on video? I know my pitch inside and out!” 

Most agents do, but that’s what makes it so hard to spot their weaknesses.

The truth is when watching yourself on a video you’ll be able to identify these blind spots.

Think about it like this: if you were learning to play the guitar or another instrument, would you rely solely on your own perception of how well you were doing? Or would you want to hear what you sound like from an outside perspective? 

Most likely, you’d want to record yourself and listen back to the recording to identify areas that could be improved.  The same principle applies to your listing pitch!

4 Key Ingredients to a Winning Pitch

Here are some things you might want to consider when listening to your listing pitch:

  • Speed: Perhaps you tend to speak too quickly, or you use filler words like “um” and “uh” too often.
  • Fidgeting: Maybe you tend to fidget or look away from the camera. These are all things that can detract from the power of your pitch.
  • Posture: Posture is an important aspect to consider. Slouching or standing too rigidly can convey a lack of confidence and detract from the overall impression you’re trying to make. What you want to do Instead is to stand tall and utilize open body language to convey confidence and approachability.
  • Eye contact: Finally, when making a pitch, it is critical to maintain eye contact. Try not to look away from the camera or down at your notes. Instead, keep constant eye contact with the camera, as if you were talking with the viewer.

Now think about all your favorite musicians, actors, & athletes, especially the ones who are good on camera. They’ve all likely used video recordings to improve their performances. 

They don’t do it so that they can get it right; they do it so that they can’t get it wrong!

Practice Makes Perfect: Rehearsing Your Pitch on Video

With every recording, you’ll find ways to fine-tune your pitch like a swordsmith sharpening his blade.

So in order to get great at something, you need to practice, practice & practice until it’s perfect! 

You’ll have a far better chance of standing out from the crowd and winning over potential buyers if you can offer a professional listing pitch that’s perfectly polished. 

This means you’ll need to record yourself over and over and make tweaks until you’re absolutely satisfied with the final result. And even while this might appear to be a lot of effort, the potential reward is huge!

I promise you this: if you record your pitch &  practice until you have something special, you will have buyers knocking on your door in no time!
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