Service is more than a word!

Service goes deeper than your actual service offering. It goes to every text, outgoing voicemail message and email. What messages are you sending with your daily activities and communication? Something for you to think about. How do your clients perceive you with your communication? Let’s begin with something simple.

Let’s begin with your outgoing messaging on your phone……and what to avoid at all costs.

The 7 biggest mistakes you can make with your outgoing phone message. In case you don’t know, these seven really irritate or should I say in French P—— off your clients.

1. An outgoing message that is generic. The caller has no idea if they called the right number. Would the Four Seasons have a generic message? I don’t think so.

2. The outgoing message says “Don’t leave a message here” and then gives complicated instructions or another phone number to call. An extra step for your client or prospect? I don’t think so.

3. The message says “Please leave a text message for a faster response”..another step for the caller. If the caller wanted to text they would have. It’s not about you and your convenience.

4. The message says “Call me between the hours of”…Again this is about customer service, not you or your schedule.

5. How about the generic message announcing the voice mail is full!!! Do I have to say anything here…The worst sin of them all.

6. Here is a good one…”I will be out of the office for the month of” …They don’t need to know you are on vacation and guess what they don’t care and will go to another agent.

7. Finally, the one that says “I return calls between the hours of”…..Again it is not about you and when it is convenient for you.


Have your outgoing message be warm, welcoming and friendly. Let them know you will be back with them as soon as possible. Wish them a great day. Return your calls promptly. Your business will soar.