Fit At Any Age

Dr. David Hippensteel is an inspiration to us all. At 62 years old he is defying aging proving that age is just a number. If

Feelings Aren’t Facts

We all have gut instincts, but when it comes to making smart real estate decisions or negotiating deals knowledge is power. Here is a list

Service is more than a word!

Service goes deeper than your actual service offering. It goes to every text, outgoing voicemail message and email. What messages are you sending with your


Rest….. This is for the “A-types only” that have only one more thing to do, or catch themselves late in the evening still working, or

There are no silver bullets

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, the quick fix, the easier and softer way. There are no silver bullets. Success comes packaged as hard

Millennials In The Market

Millennials are accumulating wealth faster than any other previous generation. They are driving and influencing trends in technology and marketing within the luxury real estate

Patience is a lost virtue!

We agents are impatient by nature. We all want instant gratification, but we must be consistent and hold the course. I see agents trying this

You Need a Sounding Board

No matter what level agent you are or what your experience may be, EVERYONE needs a sounding board. Do not feel it is a sign